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Joeys Journey to the Dentist
Joeys Arrival

Joey has arrived to Westonka Animal Hospital the morning of his Professional Teeth Cleaning. Joey has been fasted overnight in preparation for going under anesthesia later today.

Joey and his owner are greeted by one our Customer Service Representatives. His treatment plan (estimate) is presented to and signed by his owner.

Joey is greeted by staff
Joey gets weighed by staff

One of our veterinary assistants obtains Joey’s current weight to ensure accurate dosing of his medications throughout his journey with us today.

Joey is brought to one of the dog runs. During this time, the doctors, technicians and assistants are preparing for his teeth cleaning. The doctor will perform a full physical exam and review his bloodwork. The doctor and technician will work together to choose the most appropriate drugs based on his physical exam and blood-work results.

Joey receives an IV catheter

After Joey was pre-medicated for his teeth cleaning, an IV catheter is placed. This allows us to administer drugs and fluids quickly and efficiently.

More drugs are administered to allow for intubation, ( a tube placed in the wind pipe). Anesthesia and oxygen are delivered directly to Joey’s lungs through this tube.

Joey is intubated for his procedure
Joey is monitored during procedure

Joey is monitored closely throughout his entire time under anesthesia. Blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels appear on our monitors.

Our trained technicians perform complete examinations of the entire mouth.

Joey before cleaning evaluation

The technicians will perform full mouth x-rays to check for any disease below the gum line. All teeth are probed (checking gum depths), scaled (removal of tarter), and polished.

…to leave the teeth shining!

Joey gets a cleaning
Joey is in recovery until he can stand on his own

Joey is recovered in a warm kennel and watched closely by the staff until he is able to walk on his own.

A thorough report is reviewed with the owner at the discharge appointment time later that same day.

Joeys after cleaning check up

Joey has returned to the clinic one to two weeks after his teeth cleaning to complete his 12th step of his professional oral health care visit. At this visit, a technician will evaluate the mouth using a solution that highlighted the plaque in his mouth. At home dental care options, including brushing of the teeth & Dental Chews, were discussed.