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At Home Veterinary Care

At Home Veterinary Care

We are pleased to offer at home veterinary care in the stress-free, comfortable environment of your own home. Our veterinarians and/or technicians make house calls by appointment only.

At home veterinary care is ideal for:

  • Pet owners who cannot bring their pet to one of our animal hospitals
  • For pet(s) who become anxious leaving their home
  • Pet owners with multiple pets
  • Pet owners without available transportation or who work from home
  • Pet owners looking for veterinary care in the comfort and convenience of their own home
  • Pet owners looking to say goodbye to their beloved pet in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Schedule a House Call Visit For Your Pet

Please call or email us to request a House Call Appointment for your pet.  Please be specific about the services you would like your pet to receive.  

After reviewing your request and speaking with one of our veterinarians, one of our receptionists or technicians will call you to discuss the recommended treatment plan and to schedule the date and time of our arrival.

House Call Appointment Day

On the day of the house call appointment, a receptionist will call or text you when the veterinarian and/or technician are en route to your home. 

At the selected date and time, we ask that you have your pet ready for us in a room. Cats especially have a tendency to sneak off.

The veterinarian and technician will arrive at your home and complete the veterinary care previously discussed and approved.  If your pet needs additional veterinary care or medications the veterinarian will discuss all options with you during the house call appointment.  

Once the services are complete, and the doctor and technician have left your home, a receptionist will call you to process payment over the phone (via credit card). If you would prefer to stop by for payment, we ask that you do so within the same day. To set up a stored card in advance, you can call or stop by Lake Minnetonka Pet Wellness Center so that we can securely add your card to your account. Lastly, we will email you the invoice from your pet’s House Call Appointment.