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Visit Our Veterinarians From Your Computer or Telephone

Westonka Animal Hospital offers telemedicine

We offer telemedicine for select, non-emergency pet care visits. During a telemedicine “visit” our veterinarians and veterinary staff speak with you gather information through a medical history (the signs your pet is experiencing, how your pet is behaving, etc.) and a “virtual” physical examination. The physical examination is more limited in telemedicine of course! But photographs and videos (live or pre-recorded) may be part of the examination. While it’s not possible to complete a full examination by our veterinarians during a telemedicine appointment, we may be able to obtain enough information to arrive a presumptive diagnosis and begin a treatment plan.

Please call us to schedule a telemedicine appointment. Please note not every type of appointment is eligible to be handled via telemedicine. Telemedicine appointments are available for current clients only.

To Get Started, Download the App

Video Appointments

Nothing replaces seeing your vet, and our video appointments allow pet owners to do so from anywhere

Conveniently book and pay for virtual appointments with our veterinarians. PetPro  Tele+keeps things  simple and safe for everyone in the comfort of your home.

Chat Only Sessions

Secure messaging between pet owners and our veterinarians with the ability to update a pet’s condition at any time

Pets don’t hesitate to let us know when they’re hungry, let alone sick. With PetPro Tele+ you don’t have to wait either. Send us the latest health updates before your appointment begins.

Call us to schedule your telemedicine appointment or if you have any questions regarding this service.